It’s Not Always So Hard To Say Goodbye

Dennis Richmond permanently signed off from KTVU Channel 2 this week after over 40 years of broadcasting. Being such an icon, it’s difficult to think of Bay Area news without thinking of Dennis Richmond. He will be missed.

Naturally, his retirement has us thinking about our own job departure (don’t worry, we’re still here for you at Menupages) and as we prepare to switch day jobs, we can’t help but look forward to better pay, better hours and of course, our farewell dinner.

We love farewell dinners. Good food, good company and no tab. Ours is all set and we’re excited to report that we’ll be heading to Khan Toke Thai House (24th and Geary) in a couple of weeks to say our goodbyes and to eat some of the best Thai food in the city. Seriously. It’s good. But really it’s the ambiance that makes it something special. Shoes come off at the entrance and you’re led to beautifully appointed back room with gorgeous woodcarvings and sunken tables–your feet, if short like us, dangle in an airy hollowed out space beneath the table while you eat. What’s more, if you can negotiate a table by the window you get to admire one of the most serene and lush garden patios in San Francisco while you eat. In terms of food, everything is good, but we recommend the Tom Kha Gai (coconut milk & lemongrass soup with chicken) and the any of the curry dishes. Just make sure you leave room for dessert.

What’s the only thing better than a farewell dinner? A welcome dinner. We’re getting one of those, too. Not sure where we’re going, but if we have anything to say about it, we’ll make sure it’s worth the fuss.

Khan Toke Thai House [Menupages]

Photo: Khan Toke By Henry

It’s Not Always So Hard To Say Goodbye