Going Veggie In Boston

We know it can be hard to take up a vegetarian diet when you’ve spent your life as an omnivore. If you’re trying to eliminate meat from your diet in this city, you’re doing it at a great time - there are lots more vegetarian (and vegan!) options in Boston these days. We told you about Wheeler’s not too long ago, and T. J. Scallywaggle’s and Grasshopper have always offered vegan comfort food delicious enough to win over any omnivore on the fence.

Also, there are a lot of resources available here for those who are ready to make the switch. Chief on our list is the Boston Vegetarian Society. Apart from the food festival that they organize every Fall, they also can provide you with guides to going veggie, links to local vegetarian restaurants and B&Bs;, and - this is our favorite part - vegetarian and vegan cooking classes with local chefs like Didi Emmons of Veggie Planet Pizza.

We know it can be hard to wait for the festival in November, so we’ll leave you with a brief tour from last year’s event.

Boston Vegetarian Society [Official Site]
The Ladies’ Room: Vegetarian Food Festival [YouTube: The Ladies’ Room]


Going Veggie In Boston