Gael Greene’s Craigslist Ko Date Speaks Out!

Gael Greene still hasn’t followed up on yesterday’s post revealing that she took a Craigslister up on his offer of a seat at Momofuku Ko, and she still hasn’t refuted Eater’s speculation that the Craigslister might’ve canceled his resy only to show up at the restaurant and pretend he hadn’t. But Frank Bruni has weighed in, refuting claims that he was turned down as a dining companion, and now the Craigslister himself, Thomas Dobrowski, who doesn’t appreciate Bruni calling him a “weird guy,” writes in to tell us his side of the story.

Dear Grub Street,

I appreciate your coverage on the Craigslist posting, it certainly has generated more “buzz” than I expected. I am responding to your posts regarding my dinner with Gael Greene on Wednesday night.
Addressing the post from yesterday, the thought of reserving a table (or in this case two seats) at a restaurant and cancelling only to show up claiming to have a reservation is an act that has never crossed my mind. I was presented with a unique opportunity to have dinner with one of the most revered and well-known restaurant critics in this country, a terrific experience that I will always remember, and one that will be impossible to replicate. I would never risk ruining such an experience by showing up to a restaurant and falsely claiming to have a reservation, let alone having Gael be subject to such a risk and lie on my behalf. Gael and I were both already endeavoring on a risky proposition: meeting “blind” for a long dinner together. Would it really behoove me to risk having her write about her experience of going to Ko, through responding to a Craigslist ad, and then ultimately not getting in? I think all it takes is a little common sense to figure that one out.

There is no refuting the reports on there being some confusion that night at the restaurant. It was equally unexpected and puzzling to both Gael and I as to how the table was double booked, and why my reservation was shown as a cancellation. It is not my place to say how the confusion was rectified.

With respect to this morning’s post on our blog, there was certainly interest from Bruni in the seat, and also simultaneous interest from Gael. I had committed to Gael before hearing a definitive response from Bruni. You can interpret that however you so desire.

We’re still itching to hear Gael’s part of the story — after her initial post she has remained oddly mum.

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Gael Greene’s Craigslist Ko Date Speaks Out!