From Brunch To Bay To Breakers And Back Again

The impromptu dance party in the Castro last night has us all excited and hopeful. It was down right embarrassing that California passed a law in 2000 banning gay marriage and it was actually even more embarrassing that gay marriage rights had to be taken all the way to the California Supreme Court, but now that it’s done and California reigns victorious (at least for now), we feel a lot better about California’s political future.

So with the sun shining, people dancing in the streets and Bay To Breakers this Sunday, we’re thinking this weekend is going to be a great one. And a great weekend calls for brunch. And we think this weekend may call for Saturday and Sunday brunch (after we cross the B2B finish line on Sunday, of course).

Our brunch crew exchanged a slew of emails this morning about where we’re headed tomorrow and our Foddie Friend #1 came up with some new places for us to try. Verbatim, here are her recommendations:
Chouquets: “Mon dieu! French waiters at a French restaurant! I might marry their homemade croissants one day. Warning: Restaurant inspires dreadful Inspector Clouseau-type accents.”
Town’s End Restaurant and Bakery: “Out of the way, but the cutest mini-muffins ever. I always try to get people to go there since I love the bakery so much.”
Judy’s Homestyle Cafe: “Huge plates. They give you mimosas while you wait outside. I went here with a party of 12 that called ahead and we didn’t wait long.”

Really, our only requirement is good company and free flowing mimosas so it sounds like we’ll be in good shape with any of these options. As for the rest of you, we expect to see all of San Francisco out in good form this weekend celebrating everything there is to celebrate, so find a brunch spot on Open Table, a costume for Bay To Breakers and some rainbow paraphernalia in honor of our Supreme Court victory and let’s get ready for some fun!

Chouquets [Menupages]
Chouquets [Official Site]
Town’s End Restaurant and Bakery [Menupages]
Town’s End Restaurant and Bakery [Official Site]
Judy’s Homestyle Cafe [Menupages]

Photo: By scarletdivison15

From Brunch To Bay To Breakers And Back Again