Free Means Free

As everyone is more than aware Benders Bar & Grill, has risen from the ashes and returned to serve stiff drinks and beer to an eclectic Mission crowd. However, everyone may not be aware that they serve free barbeque on Sundays. Now, we were explicitly instructed by our drinking (and dinning) partner this past Sunday not to post anything about the free barbeque for fear the novelty and freeness might cause a hipster outbreak, but we take our reportage very seriously here at Menupages and we feel it is our duty to let San Franciscans know where they can get free food and drink. We are, after all, in the thick of a recession.

Luckily Benders isn’t the only bar in town that likes to feed its patrons. El Rio dishes up free BBQ and oysters on Friday and then just the free BBQ on Saturdays. And for you happy hour lovers, Sugar Lounge in Hayes Valley pulls out all the stops and gives out free food from Hahn’s Hibachi every happy hour (4-8); Free teriyaki chicken, shrimp tempura and cream cheese wrap sandwiches make for a pretty satisfying meal when your sipping discounted cocktails.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but we certainly believe in free bar food. Now go spend those stimulus checks!

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[Photo: BBQ at El Rio via KUSF/flickr

Free Means Free