Farmer’s Market Is More Fun Than Morning At The Office

To the dismay of local MenuPages fans, Adam’s services are needed in other menuniverses this summer. Though his food rhetoric won’t die off completely, he’s enlisted a group of menu aficionados to fill in. I’m one of them.

Like you, I rely on the MenuPages blog to beef up my morning procrastination routine. Upon arrival at the office I check email, the weather and the MenuPages blog to catch up on all things edible in Chicago before doing any actual work. To ward off any unwarranted guilt I may have over this delay in corporate obligation, my morning routine will now include posting; a productive, “for fun” activity according to Adam. Indeed. A morning at the farmer’s market is way more fun than doing my real job. Take a look at the goods:

Asparagus, $2 a bunch from Stover’s Farm Market, Berrien Springs, MI.

Chicago PD and honey bears guard Stover’s Farm jams and nut butters, $4.95.

The jam man also recommends Leola’s Cajun Chow Chow, made with green tomatoes, onions, peppers, vinegar, carrots and habenero and cayenne peppers. What do you do with Chow Chow, I asked? His response, “thrower on some meat or fish and griller up.” Finally, a feminine and spicy marinade.

Make the jump for cherry-filled strudel, herbs and more.

Cherry strudel, $3.

If you’re not in a strudel mood, there’s banana and zucchini bread, mini apple, cherry and blueberry pies, and of course, giant danish.

$2 herbs from Smits Farms in Chicago Heights, IL.

Blooms, $3 a bunch.

Green Garlic, $3 a bunch from Nicholas Farm & Orchard in Marengo, IL.

Tubs of cashew crunch, peanut crunch, chocolate-covered crunch, pecan crunch and nutty crunch from Rise ‘n Roll Bakery, $6.99.

Farmer’s Market Is More Fun Than Morning At The Office