Dream Match: Dentons vs. Martignettis

Jason Denton, sans bro.
Jason Denton, sans bro. Photo: Patrick McMullan

In a Q&A; today, Gothamist has Jason Denton of Bar Milano chart his career from his humble beginnings as a Union Square Café waiter to his work at the helm of Lupa, ’ino, and ’inoteca.

His answer to a question about whether he ever reverts to “12-year-old boy behavior” with his younger brother Joe:

On occasion — that’s always healthy. But no. We have our moments, but at the end of the day, we really respect each others’ visions of where we want to take it. If you didn’t have disagreements on certain things then why be in partnerships?

Reminds us of what Anthony Martignetti (per Guest of a Guest, he launches his ambitiously named “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” party tonight) told us about working with his bro:

We’ve argued about everything from what the final cocktail list is going to be to what color we’re going to paint the windows. It ends one way or other — fighting and maybe not even speaking for a day, but we’re best friends and we run our business together, so even if we’re fighting, we both know we’re on the same team.

Speaking of teams, we see the makings of a good two-on-two b-ball game (or should we keep it old-worldy and say pétanque?). Winner gets the Florent space to turn into a bistro or an inoteca.

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Dream Match: Dentons vs. Martignettis