Denzel’s Bubbly Problem; Café Gray’s Farewell Menu

• Denzel Washington tried to open a bottle of Champagne at 151 the other night, since his server couldn’t do it. Washington failed as well, but then the cork hit the server in the face. [NYP]

• The city’s battle with fast-food restaurants continues as Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer says big chains receive too many tax breaks. [NYT]

• The Pillsbury Doughboy is currently stationed at Park Avenue and 51st Street, where he is handing out slices of cake to kick off the company’s Campaign for a Sweeter America. Pillsbury is also donating 1,500 sweets to the New York Food Bank, which just seems like a bad idea. [Gothamist]

• With its closing day less than a month away, Café Gray will serve a tributary tasting menu of some of the restaurant’s best dishes. [Stong Buzz]

• Pay for a few drinks here and there and you can eat free every night of the week, until you get sick from subsisting off bar food, that is. [Metromix]

• The documentary about shuttered drinking establishment Siberia will hopefully make it into this year’s New York Film Festival. [NYP]
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• Coffee tastings, known as cuppings, are a lot more fun than wine tastings. [NYT]

Denzel’s Bubbly Problem; Café Gray’s Farewell Menu