Chicago City Council Returns To Its Senses

Good news for gourmands everywhere! Just a few hours ago, the Chicago City Council repealed the two-year-old foie gras ban in the city. It passed with a vote of 37-6 and no debate. Funny how things can change so much in two years. We’re hoping this puts an end to the ban foie gras talk in other cities/states.

To celebrate, we’re going to suggest a few spots in each of your respective cities in which to indulge in foie gras tonight.

• Foie gras is all over New York City menus, but if you want just a taste of it, try a tapa-sized version with five types of onions at Casa Mono.

• In Miami, head over to Michy’s, where there are two foie gras appetizers offered: one with cherry jam and brioche crisps and another with a corn pancake and maple syrup.

• Boston’s much-celebrated O Ya offers an appetizer of foie gras with balsamic chocolate kabayaki, raisin cocoa pulp and aged sake, which sounds pretty amazing.

Michael Mina in San Francisco serves seared foie gras with huckleberry gastrique and endive, plus some sauces of pickled strawberries and poached rhubarb.

• Philadelphia’s Le Bec-Fin has a pressed foie gras terrine on the menu, with artichokes and a small salad.

Chicago overturns foie gras ban [Chicago Tribune]

Photo, from the 2006 farewell to foie gras dinner at mk: brady frequent traveler and eater/Flickr

Chicago City Council Returns To Its Senses