Cakes That Are Other Things, Too

The logical follow-up to black metal sweets, which are hilariously evil in spite of the fact that they are cake, would be those sweet things that look like other things. We laughed right in the middle of our crowded office when confronted with this picture, from Serious Eats, of a reversed China Box scenario:

And we just kept laughing as we perused other non-sweet-looking sweets…

Such as this kitty litter cake, from Andrea James, complete with Tootsie Roll turds:

Or this ambitious, Battlestar Galactica-inspired Cylon Raider cake:

In a similar vein, Flickr user tim d posted this Dalek cake:

And, finally, there’s the incredibly gross-looking thorax cake, courtesy of They’re Coming To Get You Barbara:

Cakes That Are Other Things, Too