Burger Secrets Of The Philly Chefs

The folks at the Daily News, aka the ‘People Paper’, asked a selection of Philly restaurateurs for their hamburger secrets:

Nick Tsolous, Goodburger: 83 percent meat, 17 percent fat mix. “It should be to the taste[…] Not too much fat, but it needs just enough to cook right.”

Chad Williams, Amada: “The ratio is important. We go to Esposito’s [in the Italian market]. Lean meat is not delicious. You want some fat there to keep it moist and juicy.”

Ellen Yin, Fork: “There’s nothing like a homemade brioche roll for a burger. You need that - and some crispy fries.”

Be a burgermeister [DN]

[Photo: Lance Silverman of Sabrina’s via Alejandro Alvarez/Daily News]


Burger Secrets Of The Philly Chefs