Burger King’s $167 Hamburger

Look out Daniel Boulud — a $167 hamburger (GBP85) has debuted at selected Burger Kings in London.

Burger King’s new Kobe beef burger will be topped with blue cheese and will be sold at the chain’s Kensington and Chelsea, London locations. According to Lucy Barrett of British mag Marketing, it’s all just one gonzo PR stunt:

“The idea of a burger that no one buys is not as ludicrous as it seems. Burger King will use it to promote a gap in perception between it and McDonald’s. It could lead consumers to reassess the quality of the brand.”

The burger, which will use wagyu beef, was inspired by a similarly priced truffles-and-brie sandwich that UK chain Selfridges was supposed to roll out. However, there was one change made to BK’s sandwich… They ditched the idea of topping it with foie gras after encountering pressure from PETA.

No word about how the animal rights activists feel about all that yummy, yummy beef.

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Burger King’s $167 Hamburger