Bruno & Reader: Review City

It’s Friday afternoon, and that means a slew of new reviews:

Pat Bruno visits an old favorite of his that recently had a face life — Cape Cod Room. The food is just as good (or at least the same) as always, although Bruno admits that he “doubt[s] if the twentysomething crowd would dig this restaurant at all.” Feh. On the contrary, sometimes we crave historical authenticity! Especially when it just had a face lift. Meanwhile, Pat felt the need to put scare quotes around the “points” in toast points, because…what, are toast points newfangled all of a sudden? Oh well.

Nevertheless, we’re happy to see Bruno pointing his audience toward Army & Lou’s, one of the city’s most estimable soul institutions. But here’s a paragraph we don’t understand:

The buzz words at Army & Lou’s are “scratch cooking.” I don’t get to go into the kitchens of the restaurants I review, but I will take it as gospel that A&L; is making a lot of its food from scratch, simple food that is prepared with care.

Why would you volunteer that information? Does Pat want our approval in some manner? Sigh.

On the Reader side, Mike Sula has two reviews: he enjoys Mercat a la Planxa as much as everyone else has and highly recommends the order-in-advance pigfest, and provides some nice background on Take Me Out, a Northeast Asian fried chicken joint in Pilsen of all places. Anne Spiselman doesn’t think nearly enough has been said about Ukrainian baked goods wonderland Shokolad, whose delicious pastries should not stop you from trying their savory offerings.

[Photo: deep blue skies/flickr]

Bruno & Reader: Review City