City Holds Tatiana’s Boardwalk Permit ‘Hostage,’ Supporters Claim

Under the boardwalk...they'll be setting fires....
Under the boardwalk…they’ll be setting fires…. Photo: Wireimage

Now this is what representative democracy is all about! Brighton Beach landmark Tatiana finally has a boardwalk permit again, after paying out $68,000 in cash and $50,000 in insurance money to the city for a fire it didn’t cause. “The city was holding her permit hostage until she agreed to a settlement,” State Senator Carl Kruger tells the Post. “Without the permit, her business is dead, and the city knew it.” A 2003 fire believed to be caused by homeless people damaged the boardwalk, and the city wanted owner Tatiana Varzar to pay for repairs before renewing her permit, which expired in October. Varzar and local pols believe the city strong-armed her, but the city claims that Varzar was compelled by law to have insurance coverage for her part of the boardwalk. The city sued Varzar in 2006; the settlement — and the permit — comes just in time for the summer season. Besides support from Kruger, Varzar also has Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz on her side, who calls her “an immigrant success story whose restaurant has truly enhanced the vitality of Brighton Beach for New Yorkers and visitors from around the world.” And why not? As the Post points out, Varzar has contributed to both Kruger and Markowitz’s campaigns over the years. We’re glad that she’s getting her money’s worth.

City ‘Strong-Armed’ Restaurateur Over Permit: Pol [NYP]

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City Holds Tatiana’s Boardwalk Permit ‘Hostage,’ Supporters