Brian Van Flandern’s ‘Bradshaw’: Lowbrow Brilliant or Highbrow Despicable?

Our eyes are bleeding.
Our eyes are bleeding.

Sex and the City opens next Friday — maybe you heard? We’ve been bracing ourselves for the wave of Murray Hill bars serving up Carrie-tinis, but we never suspected that a highfalutin type like Bemelmans Bar mixologist Brian Van Flandern, formerly of Per Se, would hop on the bandwagon. Then again, a scene from the movie was shot at the hotel bar so we suppose he had no choice but to come up with the “Bradshaw.” The mix of white tequila, passion-fruit liquor, and cane-sugar simple syrup is served in a martini glass that (of course) is rimmed in hot-pink sugar. We love what Brian does, so we will say this through clenched teeth: “If you try one Sex and the City drink…”

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Brian Van Flandern’s ‘Bradshaw’: Lowbrow Brilliant or Highbrow