Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer

You may well ask: why pair baking, of all things, with a breast cancer-related fundraiser? In the case of this event, the answer is clear: to honor the mother and grandmother of Finale ’s executive pastry chef, Nicole Coady. These remarkable women have been successfully treated for breast cancer, and we have to agree that there is no more appropriate celebration than raising money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute via a city-wide bake sale.

This week, from the 5th through the 11th, proceeds from over 100 selected bakeries and restaurants throughout the city of Boston will be donated to cancer research. In the last eight years this event has raised nearly $190,000, all of which has gone directly to the cause.

So do some good for the world by treating yourself to a number of desserts in the area. Did we mention that each restaurant has a Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer-specific dessert? With so many places to choose from, each with desserts that sound so good, we don’t know where to start our philanthropic sugar binge.

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer [Official Site]

[Photo: Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer]

Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer