Blogger Will Teach You How to Butcher

Here’s a class you won’t see at the 92nd Street Y: Grocery Guy (no relation to Gourmet Dude — we’re talking about Tom Mylan, the whole-animal butcher at Marlow & Sons who, being in Williamsburg, is also a blogger) wants you to know that “it’s Spring again and men and women’s fancy turn to eating small cute animals.” He’s here to help, via a class tonight:

$100 gets you the chance to rub bloody elbows with me and your fellow food dorks, learn how to cut up a whole animal (will come in handy when you join that Life Boat Community) and get 6-10 pounds of choice local lamb.

Because nothing impresses a date like bisecting a lamb with a saw!

Lamb Learning: Tonight!!! [Grocery Guy]

Blogger Will Teach You How to Butcher