Blog Reviews: Week Of CTA Making An Awkward Statement On Patriotism

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• While some of the appetizers are quite tasty, Big Jones isn’t ackin’ its Southerness sufficiently for this very opinionated reviewer [Chicago Gluttons]

• After renovations, Bob San is back to being a comfortable, high-quality neighborhood sushi spot [Chicago Foodies]

• Is Brasserie Ruhlmann a secret bargain dinner? Raves about beautifully prepared, giant portions make it seem that way! [Gastronomic Bypass]

• While not everybody has expressed joy at Honky Tonk Barbeque’s offerings, their beef brisket sandwich is apparently pretty tasty [Chicagoist]

• What’s not to like about a family-run Costa Rican BYOB? If you go to Irazu, the steak sandwich is recommended [TastyBeat]

• A giant fire came and took Manee Thai away! Hopefully they will overcome [TOC Blog]

• Kitschy sports memorabilia aside, Mike Ditka’s serves more-than-adequate classic American pub fare [Chicago Foodies]

• Wicker Park yuppiehole Moonshine is great place for a soggy burger and tequila shots spilled on your person [Gastronomic Bypass]

• High rents killed Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe’s retail front, but you can still buy the confections online [Chicagoist]

• The silkiest tripe in the city may be at Nelly’s Saloon, a Northwest Side Romanian restaurant that occasionally screens the local version of Dancing with the Stars, and is never as crowded as Kuma’s Corner [Hungry Magazine]

• An utterly generic burger awaits you at Riverview Tavern, very much not a foodie destination [Chicago Burger Project]

• A flowery review for Asian small plates lounge newcomer Shochu, which focuses on the eponymous tipple. Not that we doubt it’s good! [Chicagoist]

• German beer garden? Well, okay, you’ve twisted our arm. Uberstein is purported to be one of the less annoying drinking options in Wrigleyville, and they have schnitzelwiches [Gastronomic Bypass]

• Two omnivores chime in about Veggie Bite, Wicker Park’s vegan fast food dispensary, and are impressed by the crap you can make without animal products [Metblogs, Drive-Thru]

[Photo: CTA Starts Free Rides For Military, via Chicagoist (EHP)]


Blog Reviews: Week Of CTA Making An Awkward Statement On Patriotism