Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Review Matching Game!

Send your guesses here. Winner gets a pony! Revelation date set for tomorrow. Also, let us know if this is a stupid idea…

1) You have to try the Tomato Basil soup. It is soooooooooo good. To me anyways. If you order a sandwich you get the soup on the side and the price is whatever the temperature is outside. You’ve gotta try it!!!! The sandwiches are awesome too.

2) No comments. Just horrible.

3) Excellent thin crust pizza. Love the sauce, crust, cheese, sausage, etc. Always good.

4) This family run resturant is the real deal. Great pizza, service, prices and atmosphere (If you like 70’s decor.) Live music and drink specials add to the fun. Get here before it gets too popular with the “hipster” set. It is teetering on the edge.

5) I have nothing to complain about in regards to the food and the delivery service. The appetizers are creative and very yummy. I reco the crab in the bag. I’ve had a few chicken entrees that were constitently good. The delivery service was fast and the food arrived hot. i will order from this place again.

6) What can I say…. excellent Thai food ever. Being vegetarian we had many options to eat. Took Green Curry Soup which was awesome. Price is also reasonable…. Worth trying.

7) My wife and I dine here whenever we have an excuse to go into the city. The service is quick, polite, and very pleasant, although at times it’s better to point at the menu (due to language barrier). the Garlic Chicken is superb. No subtle garlic flavor here, chicken cooked to perfection with veggies steamed just right. The Sunrise Fried rice includes a meat option, and is so delicately flavored it remains a fond memory long after the meal is over. Cantonese-style fried rice usually tastes so heavy by comparison the French influence is obvious. Many other dishes tease the palate and taste buds with their delicate aromas and subtle flavors. they certainly have an expertly trained kitchen staff. The prices can’t be beat- we usually order 3 entrees so we have leftovers, plus an appetizer and drinks, and the bill never reaches $20. Not to be missed!

8) First of all, I asked for my wings to be fried hard and they refried some wings that were already taken out of the fryer! Secondly, the service is so slow. Once I sat in there for 45 minutes waiting on a 4 wing dinner. Third, if you go during the lunch time and you get a special, they give you little bitty wings. And last but not least, they make you have a $10 minimum to use a debit or credit card. Unless you don’t care about the quality of your food and have all day to wait… I would not suggest goingto [REDACTED].

9) they have to be the best place for wings.

10) [REDACTED] has good food i did have an experience with some burnt chicken before i just check it before i leave the gravy on the beans and rice is good and i love their cabbage but the service system that they have stinks u can be waiting a while.

a) Eppy’s Deli
b) Harold’s Chicken Shack
c) Harold’s Chicken Shack
d) Luc Thang Noodle
e) Manee Thai (get well soon!)
f) Marie’s Liquors & Pizza
g) Park 52
h) Renaldi’s Pizza
i) The Thai Grill
j) Uncle Joe’s

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Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Review Matching Game!