Bar Ferdinand Makes Our New Favorite Sandwich

This past weekend, we hopped up to Bart Blatsein-land (aka Liberties Walk) for dinner at Bar Ferdinand. The weather was nice and people were out, so it seemed like a good time to check out the goods. Along with a guest, we ordered jamon croquetas (awesome), a crab/asparagus flan (good, though distinctly lacking in crab taste), patatas bravas (good, though noticably unspicy) and the pechuga de pollo ahumado.

That last item is our new favorite Philadelphia sandwich. It’s seared chicken on a baguette-like roll topped with:

• San Simon cheese
• Chorizo
• Bacon
• Steamed swiss chard
• Paprika aioli

The little chunks of cut-up chorizo interacted perfectly with the crisp bacon, the tart greens and the chicken cutlet to create one hell of a sandwich. People, we’re talking about a pork explosion here.

And, hey. It looks like the Philadelphia Weekly likes them too.

Bar Ferdinand [MenuPages]
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[Photo: via bocadillos/Fotolog]

Bar Ferdinand Makes Our New Favorite Sandwich