Earthquake Ready?

The earthquake in Mianyang has us on edge. First, we don’t handle widespread death and suffering so well and second, we have a horrible phobia of earthquakes. Being native Californians, our fear of earthquakes does not serve us well and disasters like this really make us remember just how unpleasant they are.

It also makes us consider our emergency kit and its current state. The first aid portion is intact and ready for care, but the provisions—food and water—are nonexistent, leaving us wondering what we intend to do when the Big One hits, we’ve survived and there’s no drinkable water or edible food to be had for days. On a positive note, Cole’s Hardware in Cole Valley has one of the best disaster preparedness lists we’ve ever seen (it’s 12 pages!). We should keep it on our fridge, but it’s currently hibernating in our kitchen junk drawer (lovely). They recommend 1 gallon of water per person per day for at least three days at a minimum (a 7-day supply is better) and enough food to last your family at least one week. We don’t have any of this. We have band aids and flashlights and Neosporin, but we don’t have canned food or bottle water on hand. We’re hoping against hope that the next big Bay Area quake (predicted to hit soon) will hold off until after this weekend when we’ve had a chance to restock.

Again, we hate earthquakes. We’ve hated every quake we’ve ever experienced, but worse than the actual quake, we hate the anticipation. To help calm our nerves we’ve decided to spend the next few evenings at the Little Shamrock near the corner 9th and Irving. Not only has this fantastic little Irish pub been around since 1893 (they still have the grandfather clock that fell to floor one April 18 back in 1906 that’s been stuck at 5:15 AM ever since), but they also have free popcorn and a wide variety of board and parlor games for a much needed distraction.

If you haven’t already done so, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 and please make sure you’re ready for the next emergency. After that’s done, come join us at the Little Shamrock for some popcorn, a stiff drink and Trivial Pursuit.

Photo: By Mark and Allegra

Earthquake Ready?