Anyone For Pimm’s?

What is Pimm’s? It’s gin-based, with an otherwise top-secret recipe that features herbs and spices. The Pimm’s Cup is Pimm’s served with lemonade (or lemon soda, or ginger ale), cucumber, mint leaves, and lemon, orange, and strawberry. Very refreshing, we daresay, and it’s fun to think that’s what they sip at the Henley Royal Regatta.

We recently traveled to London, and were delighted to find that we could buy a bottle of our favorite British beverage when we came home. Pimm’s, while not yet popular in the States after nearly 200 years, can be bought by the bottle in some liquor stores. What we were even more excited about was the fact that we could order it in some of our favorite bars and restaurants. Brilliant!

• Our first Stateside foray into Pimm’s at a bar was where we learned that you can’t ask just anyone for a Pimm’s Cup. The senior bartender at the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes recommended a number of good mixers, and we settled on a Pimm’s and Ginger, which was garnished with lime.

• Miracle of Science (by the MIT Museum, on Mass Ave) serves their Pimm’s in a pint glass, garnished with a cucumber! Probably the closest approximation of a Pimm’s Cup.

• We’ve applauded Silvertone Bar & Grill for their mac and cheese, but their British Isles motif is surely conducive to an enjoyable Pimm’s-drinking experience. Bonus points to the bartender, who was apologetic for the lack of cucumbers.

Milky Way Lounge and Lanes [Official Site]
Silvertone [Official Site]

[Photo: The Publican]

Anyone For Pimm’s?