Where in Asia Is Gray Kunz Going?

Hopping on a jet plane.
Hopping on a jet plane. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Café Gray may be closing shop in the Time Warner Center on June 28, but, via a press release, Gray Kunz assures us he’s “actively seeking a new Manhattan [sic] and other sites for new interpretations of the Café Gray model.” In addition to the November opening of a 114-seat oceanfront restaurant in the planned Ritz-Carlton Reserve at Molasses Reef on Turks and Caicos Islands, Kunz is also planning to launch a restaurant in Asia. Where in Asia? He won’t be ready to say for another couple of weeks, but, yeah, Asia.

With the expansion to Asia of this brasserie model, Chef Kunz will delve even deeper into menu concepts incorporating Asian products and techniques into his signature twist on traditional Western cuisine. Plans also include spin-off interpretations of the concept, including a smaller bakery/retail model and the incorporation of eco-friendly design and preparation techniques.

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Where in Asia Is Gray Kunz Going?