Time To Start Passover Preparations!

Passover starts a week from tomorrow and, if you’re like us, you’re just starting to get a little bit nervous about your total lack of plans for, say, making a meal. That’s where The Metropolitan Club comes in.

The restaurant will be offering a variety of foods to take home for your Seder, ranging from the traditional (brisket, macaroons) to the wildly unconventional (baby poussin with matzo stuffing, meringue and berry napoleon). Orders must be made by next Wednesday and may be picked up on either Saturday or Sunday. What about the several days of Passover after Seders are over but before dietary restrictions are lifted? The Met Club has you covered there too. From Saturday-Friday, the restaurant will offer a three-course kosher for Passover prix fixe dinner for $42 and a two course lunch for $15. There now: that’s not so intimidating, is it?

The Metropolitan Club [MenuPages]
The Metropolitan Club [Official Site]

[Photo: Flickr: ilovemods]


Time To Start Passover Preparations!