Time Out Chicago, Tribune, Reader: Quick & Easy

This is going to be very fast! Everything you ever wanted to know about:

• Hyde Park dining, by someone who should know [TOC]

• On a related topic, Park 52 is finally open [TOC]

Tallulah, the Lincoln Square New American, is hit or miss [TOC]

Natalino’s, the West Town Italian-American, is pretty good, if a little kitschy and not at all relevatory [TOC]

• You know what’s exciting about Spring that isn’t ramps? Morels! [TOC]

• Mike Sula’s story on Masouleh, the Persian home cooking restaurant in Rogers Park, has fascinating political angles [Reader]

• Phil Vettel loves Sixteen, a big fat duh [Tribune]

• Earth Day is coming up, and Monica Eng has a list of green restaurants for you [Tribune]

See? Fast.

[Photo: this morel mushrooms is moderately frightening. But delicious! (J-Fish/flickr)]


Time Out Chicago, Tribune, Reader: Quick & Easy