The Reviews Digested, 4/4/08

Eating at the bar
is fun, says the Dig. We think
just if you’re alone.

Nadeau loves Vee Vee:
executed well.

MC Slim JB
visits Villa Mexico.
Best gas station food!!!!!

First’s at Oceanaire.
Not bad for a Midwest chain,
but not great either.

Cheap Eats tries Mulan
delicious Taiwanese fare
is so flavorful.

Empty Benatti
is quite good, opines the Sauce,
but oh so pricey!

Schaffer gives Clink C:
the space is quite beautiful
but the food is meh.

Quincy’s Grumpy White’s
makes Sinaiko quite happy.
Simple fare for all!


The Reviews Digested, 4/4/08