The Reviews Digested, 4/25/08

Your weekly Boston restaurant review roundup, in convenient haiku form!

Hee hee hee, LolCats.
The Dig can has cheezburgers
and pasta and soup.

Nadeau goes to Church:
it’s no Eastern Standard, but
it’s still quite alright.

MC Slim JB
eats standout Vietnamese
at the smart Xinh Xinh.

First gives Banq a try.
Loud, overstimulating,
but food is quite good.

Southie’s Sophia’s
brings food to condo-dwellers.
Surprise! It’s tasty.

Sauce tries Da Vinci.
The menu is so simple,
but food is lovely.

Schaffer will school you
on Boston’s dim sum options.
Nom nom turnip cake.


The Reviews Digested, 4/25/08