The Reviews Digested, 4/18/08

Your weekly Boston restaurant review roundup, in convenient haiku form!

The Dig explores wings.
Whose cuisine will reign supreme?
Eh, they’re all quite good.

Nadeau tries Shiki.
Welcome even in Brookline,
it’s not just sushi.

MC Slim JB
visits Rincon Limeno,
finds eclectic fare.

First one-stars Lobby.
It does more than it needs to
and not all that well.

Over in Westie
at Viva Mi Arepa
Cheap Eats rejoices.

At Hungry Mother,
Sauce finds exquisite balance
and cocktails in jars.

Oceanaire gets C.
Why would they open in Hub?
Schaffer is puzzled.


The Reviews Digested, 4/18/08