The Food Sections Over Coffee

Here’s your Wednesday coffee-break roundup of the local food sections. Enjoy!

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The local king salmon collapse means fish-eaters will have to turn to other sources for this summer’s fare. [Goodbye, king - hello coho]

We finally get a review of hot spot Waterbar [Views, seafood compete for attention at Waterbar]

Amanda Gold checks out La Trappe [Dining Out]

Looks like the Mina crew are opening a cocktail bar [Inside Scoop]

And we get a first look at Anchor & Hope [What’s New]

Over at the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger is moderately enthusiastic about L’ardoise [Let’s go to the board]

Reidinger also comes up with some solutions for wasteful airline infrastructure [Fly, read, eat!]

And L.E. Leone muses on bad jokes and barbecued pasta sparing a paragraph for Alameda’s La Pinata [Cheap Eats]

Finally, in the SF Weekly:

Meredith Brody checks out San Francisco’s Little Saigon: a few blocks of Larkin Street [Two Blocks of Vietnam]

The Food Sections Over Coffee