The Food Sections Over Coffee

Welcome to another afternoon coffee-break roundup of your local food sections. Cream and sugar?

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

What to fling with your asparagus this spring [Spring Entertaining: Keeping It Simple]

Marlena Spieler puts the starch in [The Roving Feast: For the Love of Potatoes]

Taster” s=”None” choice=”None” likes=”None” yehuda=”None” matzo=”None” for=”None” passover=”None” [Taster’s Choice]

And Michael Bauer re-visits Fringale and is moderately impressed [Fringale keeps its French spirit]

Over at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, we were stunned by the lack of The Blender, a favorite feature of this blog. Reidinger and Leone seem to be running a skeleton crew this week.

Paul Reidinger visits The Alembic with great enthusiasm [Raising the bar]

Reidinger also gets his spring on with apricots and goofy headlines [Jam of lords, lords of jam]

And L.E. Leone writes about feeding her chickens cake. Also Robata Grill and Sushi in Mill Valley [Cheap Eats]

Finally, at the San Francisco Weekly:

Robert Lauriston gets hip to O Izakaya Lounge [Izakaya? O Yes]

The Food Sections Over Coffee