The Appeal Of Chipotle

What is it about formerly McDonald’s-owned Mexican chain Chipotle that gives it such a ferocious cult following? Fast Company tried to find out. Apart from commiting the sin of calling Chipotle “the Bono of the fast-food business” (!), they think it comes down to a combination of quality food and a social responsible message:

“Good food wrapped in a socially responsible message has created legions of Chipotle fans – and a superhot business. Acquired by McDonald’s in 1998 when there were only 14 Chipotles, the company went public in 2006 with 500 stores and watched its stock rise from $22 to $110 in 18 months. The now-independent outfit is enjoying an 80% revenue run-up over three years, and by year’s end, it will have 840 stores and top $1 billion in annual sales.”

Chipotle is influencing America’s food supply chain as well — both Burger King and Wendy’s have started considering imitating their humane-pork options.

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[Photo: Carnitas burrito, Flickr: skeptict]

The Appeal Of Chipotle