Shank’s & Evelyn’s Opening Tacony Branch

Good news for Northeast Philadelphia fans of Shank and Evelyn’s sausage and chicken-and-broccoli rabe sandwiches: A branch of the restaurant is opening inside Cappy’s — a popular neighborhood bar over in Tacony.

Michael Klein broke the news at Food & Drinq:

“Jerry Volpe, who’s a partner, says he’ll do the same sandwich menu: cheesesteaks, roast beef, roast pork, sausage and peppers, hoagies, fried eggplant and chicken cutlet , plus sides. None of the breakfast items, because he’ll serve from noon to 10 p.m. daily.”

Cappy’s is located at 6901 Frankford Ave. (Longshore Avenue).

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[Image via Holly Eats]

Shank’s & Evelyn’s Opening Tacony Branch