Potatoes: Feeding The World In Their Many Guises

(Above: awww!)

Potatoes are a terribly versatile starch; you can mash them, smash them, fry them, scallop, dice, puree, bake, roast, gratinate, chowederize and latkefy them…they take well to almost any preparation. Now that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has decided that they are the food of the future by dint of their caloric yield per acre (a critical metric in an era of unmitigated cereal price spikes), there will be opportunity for even more permutations of potato dishes, like some of these exotic specimens:

“Tornado Potato” — as purchasable on the streets of Seoul (superlocal):

After the jump, spuds galore!

Potato and Bacon Galette — may look like a pastry, but in reality, so much better (Loua):

Scotch Quail Egg with Purple Potato Salad — presented as a way to use leftovers, but worthy of primacy (Biggie*):

Sweet Potato Green Tea Soft Serve a.k.a Asabu Sabo — because potatoes can do anything (tychenyt):

Tofu Wrapped in Potato — potatoes can act as a powerful exoskeleton (tofu666):

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad — is it chicken? is it croutons? Guess again! (su-lin):

Red Potato Pizza — of course it tastes good (QuintanaRoo):

Potato Candy — these are made with a queen’s ransom of sugar (pixchica):

Shimiimo a.k.a. Dried Potatoes — a traditional wintertime preparation in Japan; apparently they taste like mochi when fully dried (mistubako):

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done with a potato? Actually, on second thought, maybe we don’t want to know.

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Potatoes: Feeding The World In Their Many Guises