Patsy’s Sues Patsy’s; Bones Found Beneath Tribeca Eatery

• In an absurd bit of legal maneuvering, Patsy’s Italian Restaurant is suing Patsy’s Pizzeria for the right to claim Frank Sinatra as a devoted customer. [NYP]

• It would be one thing if the bones found in the basement of Tokyo Bar were found in the ground, but no — these human remains were found in a plastic bag. [NYS]

• In honor of April Fools’ Day, Michael’s is hiring celebrity look-alikes (Eliot Spitzer, Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton) to dine in the restaurant during lunch hours. [NYP]

• American farmers are cutting back on corn in favor of soybeans this year. The good news: The additional soybean oil will alleviate a global shortage of cooking oil that has been hitting poor countries hardest. The bad news: Corn and meat prices will rise. [NYT]

• The Rascal House, one of the country’s landmark delis (think the Florida Katz’s), is no more. [NYT]

• The number of Americans receiving food stamps this year is expected to reach 28 million, the highest number since the assistance program began in the sixties. [NYT]

Patsy’s Sues Patsy’s; Bones Found Beneath Tribeca Eatery