Opening: Nine New Restaurants, Mostly North Side

When it rains, it pours. Most of these are just opening or about to open. Some are from a few months ago, and one has eluded us since 2006! But all are worthy of note, not least for the reasons given:

Big Jones — offers New Southern (i.e. fancified New Orleans and Charleston) cuisine starting April 9th. Sipping the Zeitgeist, they have a tea menu!

Cinners — is Chicago’s only Cincinnati-themed restaurant? They serve the city’s famed chili over spaghetti, starting April 4th.

Edgewater Lounge — has a MySpace, which is not so unusual. Music tastes include: Hank III, Drive by Truckers, The Verve, David Bowie, The Stone Roses, Mastadon, Van Halen, OutLaw Family Band

Habibi — this Edgewater Lebanese restaurant, which drew the ire of the Dish last week, makes a point of saying they’re open 365 days a year, including New Year’s, Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s right on the menu!

Harry Caray’s Tavern — a spawn of the River North original hard by Wrigley Field, indulges in the irritating habit of placing a little ® next to “Holy Cow!” all over their menu, refering to their burgers. COME ON.

Miss Asia — has every major South-East Asian cuisine except for Burmese. But that’s the one we really wanted!

Nellie’s — purportedly has Chicago’s only Puerto Rican breakfast buffet! It’s $11.95 for adults and includes coconut oatmeal…

Risqué Cafe — is Betty-themed. What a powerful cultural meme! Makes their barbecue sound plausible, ain’t it; the chain of association being Betty-Route 66-BBQ. Correct us if we’re wrong.

Spicy Pickle — a national sandwich chain planning 9 more locations in Chicagoland!

[Photo: five spices pork leg, $14.95 at Miss Asia]


Opening: Nine New Restaurants, Mostly North Side