When Pepperoni Just Isn’t Enough

We’re not even going to try to claim we have a handle on the best SF pizza places because frankly, San Francisco just isn’t a pizza city. What’s more, there are simply too many variables to consider when talking about pizza. Crust preferences, sauce snobbery, topping theatrics–there is just too much room for conflict and disagreement in the pizza world. Which is too bad because we’ve been on a major pizza kick, but because we’re tired of getting into cat fights and screaming matches about which place has the best slice of pepperoni, we’ve decided to go it alone and find the pizza that best suits our needs.

For us that usually means voluptuously doughy crust and bold toppings. This is one of the reasons Pizza Orgasmica got our delivery order last weekend. In light of our continuing love affair with the white anchovy sandwich, we couldn’t resist ordering the Divorce (blue cheese sauce, anchovies, garlic, onions and clams), but we suspected that it might be on the salty side so we went half and half with the Aphrodisiac (Orgasmica® white wine cream sauce, salmon, scallops and Orgasmica® marinated shrimp). Seafood and pizza is such a good idea. The only thing that could have made it better would have been the addition of avocado and barbecue sauce.

After eating most of the medium pizza ourselves, we had pizza on the brain and decided to go at it again the next day (we swear) and get a pie at Pizzeria Delfina on 18th at Guerrero. We almost went traditional and ordered the Margherita, but of course we were seduced by the elaborate sound of the day’s special Carbonara pizza, which boasted leeks, pancetta, 2 eggs and pecorino cheese. We didn’t know what pecorino cheese was until we asked our friendly waiter (it’s a sharp sheep’s milk variety), but now we’re on the lookout for it on menus around the city.

We have to say that considering San Francisco’s national pizza reputation, our standard-issue pizza needs have been adequately met even without going for an always popular deep dish extravaganza at Little Star Pizza, which is pretty hard to knock no matter what your pizza preferences may be.

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When Pepperoni Just Isn’t Enough