La Cuisine Parisienne

We consider ourselves to be relatively knowledgeable in the area of French food. Having just returned from Paris, the staples of French cuisine are fresh in our minds (and on our palates). Feening for Bostonian substitutes, we take to the streets.

La baguette: This is not a stereotype. When in France (even though this loaf is not a French native), one must have a nice and crusty bread to have on the counter, in case of emergency (or spontaneous company). Alternatively, one may desire a delicious sourdough. Might we suggest a boule from Roslindale’s Fornax Bread Company?

Le pain au chocolat: While we may not have found the perfect copy of the croissant aux amandes, many a local bakery has taken a well-aimed stab at this delectable pastry. Iggy’s Bread of the World in Cambridge never ceases to delight. While you’re at it, you should try their brioche. Formidable!

Le sandwich: Have the aptly-titled Parisian specialty sandwich at Harvard Square’s landmark Cardullo’s. On a baguette, green apples cut the rich taste of creamy brie cheese with your choice of mustard. Feeling fancy? Try the Catherine the Great, with sevruga caviar and creme fraiche, also on a baguette. Pretend you’re having a pique-nique on the Champs du Mars.

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La Cuisine Parisienne