Inside The Comcast Cafeteria

Comcast is one of the economic engines that drives Philadelphia. They also, of course, just built themselves a brand-spankin’ new skyscraper.

So where are Comcast employees going to eat when they’re not hitting the streets?

The Philadelphia Inquirer just filled us in on the Comcast company cafeteria, called Ralph’s Cafe:

Lunch choices range from macaroni salad and sandwich wraps to crispy-crust pizza with goat cheese. A sushi chef starts tomorrow on the second floor of Ralph’s, which one employee compared to the city’s glitzy Stephen Starr restaurants - except that this one is for only Comcast employees and their guests.
Partially inspired by Google Inc.’s cafeteria, along with one at the New York law firm where he has negotiated cable deals over long hours, the cafeteria is the most important space in the building, its heart and soul, Roberts said. It will bring employees from different floors and division together, he said. He named it after his father, Ralph, 88, the company cofounder and a board member. Ralph is a dapper and formal man, his son said. “He didn’t really think this was the most gracious gesture. I had to say, ‘Trust me, Dad.’ “In an e-mail Friday, Ralph Roberts said he thought his son had made a good choice. “I wasn’t sure I wanted my name on the cafe,” he wrote, “but now I am thrilled.”

Sounds like it might be time to call up some of your permatemp hipster Comcast friends. Goat cheese pizza = a good thing.

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[Image via Inquirer]

Inside The Comcast Cafeteria