Indie Rock + Carbs = Good Things

Although we still miss the old days when The Khyber served burritos, the new menu kind of rules. Hamburgers, hot dogs… that whole thing. But we haven’t gone there early in the day often enough to sample the whole menu.

That’s why we’re happy that Philadining tipped us off to the Khyber’s pretzel dog: A hot dog wrapped in freshly-made pretzel dough at a price that makes the mall chains look like a bunch of punks.

Meanwhile, another Philly indie rock institution does good things with fried food… even if we don’t have their menu. You see, Johnny Brenda’s features a constantly changing chalkboard menu. But one of the constants on the menu are the awesome french fries, which Foodzings recently paid tribute to. Crisp, salty, perfectly fried… these are some good french fries.

Also, as far as live music… The Kills are playing Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday night and Starkweather will be at the Khyber on the 11th. Do the right thing and go.

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[Image via Philadining]

Indie Rock + Carbs = Good Things