In Search Of The Best Burger

Maybe it was the ridiculously warm weather a couple of weekends ago or maybe the patriotism of the elections is creeping into our eating habits. All we know is we’ve been craving American food like none other these last few days and we’re having a surprisingly hard time trying to find it.

The thing is, when you live in a city were ethnic cuisine reigns supreme and health consciousness is so very in vogue, it’s kind of hard to find quality comfort food. That said, this week we’ve decide to devote the rest of our posts to all things American, starting with our quest for the ultimate burger.

We all know there are some damn tasty veggie burgers to be had in this city, but what we really want is meat. Preferably from a happy, farm-raised, grass-fed cow. After taking an intensive poll, there seems to be a fight for Burger king between Burger Joint and Burgermeister; both restaurants get solid reviews for their classic, big burgers and tasty fries and both have several locations in the city.

But for a completely different take on the classic burger, our ultra-foodie friends swear the Slow Club in SOMA makes the best bistro burger in town, but we’ve also had some good experiences in SOMA building our own frou-frou sandwich at Custom Burger. General rule of thumb when creating any meal: avocado and barbecue sauce can be put on anything. Anything.

At the end of the day we usually end up at In-N-Out Burger because it’s fun to order off the “Secret Menu” and it’s a California institution.

Yeah so, it looks like we have the burgers figured out, but please don’t get us started on the fries situation…

Burger Joint [Menupages]
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Slow Club [Menupages]
Slow Club [Official Site]
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Photo: Burgermeister burger by Marshall Astor [Flickr]

In Search Of The Best Burger