Holy Gelato, Batman!

So we made it through Free Cone Day without treating ourselves to a free cone. The willpower harnessed was unprecedented, but we awoke this morning victorious.

The thing is, after all of the free cone hullabaloo all we can think about is ice cream. Of course, we can’t have ice cream because we’re on a diet so we’ve found a good, if not better, substitute: gelato.

There are several good gelato places in the city, Ciao Bella in the Ferry Building for instance, but one of the nice things about Holy Gelato in the Inner Sunset is it offers quality product without taking itself too seriously.

First of all, the owners and staff have some pretty quirky nomenclature going on when it comes to naming their flavors. Our personal favorite is the Condoleezza Rice Pudding, but even the innocently named S’mores has a picture of Michael Jackson in a boy scout uniform that serves as a label. The shop also has all sorts of mugs and novelty items (blow-up moose heads, talking piggy banks, specialty cookies jars) as well has a full espresso bar (Mmmm, afogato) and a sizable tea selection.

But what we’re really after is the gelato, which is great, and the selection goes a good step beyond normal flavor fare. The offerings change frequently depending on season and availability, but some of the more memorable include the Tarmac (soy-based with peanut butter, chocolate and cookies), Goat Cheese (tastes like cheesecake made with Greek yogurt), the Habanero Chocolate and the Honey Lavender. Did we mention they also have a whole case of sorbet and dairy-free flavors?

But unquestionably our favorite thing about Holy Gelato is their portion size versatility. They offer the cutest little mini cup of gelato we’ve ever seen and believe us when we say, it’s the perfect amount when you really want something sweet and creamy, but can’t deal with the consequence of several scoops. Even better, the cups are recyclable so if you go with, say, half Pomegranate sorbet and half Chocolate Hazelnut in a mini cup (3 ounces), it’s one less carbon footprint and one less pound gained.

Holy Gelato [Official Site]
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Ciao Bella [Official Site]

Photo: S’mores and Tarmac at Holy Gelato by buncheduptv

Holy Gelato, Batman!