Goodburger Opens May 3

We’re going to commit a heresy here, but Philadelphia is every bit as much a hamburger town as New York. We’d rank the hamburger at the Standard Tap against the legendary Corner Bistro burger any day. Hell, the burger at Good Dog (stuffed with roquefort and topped with onions) even tops the BLT Burger.

But, as we mentioned previously, NYC chain Goodburger is opening in Philly, courtesy of a partnership between Goodburger and Pete Pashalis (Pietro’s Pizza). Here’s the word straight from founder Nick Tsoulos:

“With goodburger’s success in New York, we felt sure that it was a concept whose time had come,” he says. “Because of my work with Pietro’s, I’m familiar with the Philadelphia market, and I know that people here are ready and waiting for a truly great burger.”

The “not so” secret to goodburger’s success lies in the hands of their well-trained “burger chefs,” who cut, grind and form each goodburger by hand in their own facility, maintaining total control and quality of each and every burger. Everything at goodburger is cooked to order, and unlike many fast-food concepts, goodburger uses only china plates and silverware for in-house dining and environmentally-friendly biodegradable packaging for take-out. Also working to set them apart from the crowd is their list of wine and beer, served on-site.

In addition to single and double goodburgers, the menu offers a selection of other sandwiches, including house-made, all-natural turkey burgers and chicken sandwiches featuring Bell and Evans chicken, veggie burgers, French fries served plain or with their signature cheddar cheese blend, Texas steak chili and milkshakes made from Ben & Jerry’s premium ice cream.

“We think of the goodburger as a fresher, more flavorful burger than any other one out there,” says Tsoulos. “We’re proud and excited to bring our burgers to a great food town like Philadelphia.”

Opening day at 1725 Chestnut Street is April 26 May 3. We’ll have the menu up the minute they open.

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Goodburger Opens May 3