Good Bet For A Good Salad

We were crazy indulgent last week. And while we originally thought the Fat Pack article that ran over a month ago in the New York Times was a bit outrageous, we’re ashamed to say we haven’t necessarily been helping the food writer’s image these past few days.

Time for change. Back to healthier choices and healthier portions. While we refuse to sacrifice quality and taste for our girlish figure, we do love our favorite pair of jeans and it’s important that our meal choices compliment, not adversely affect, our sense of style.

So we’ve started eating salads for dinner again. This isn’t so bad considering San Francisco is brimming with salad opportunity. But we also know it only takes one high fat dressing or a handful of croutons to make any salad about as healthy as super burrito. This is why we love spots like Pluto’s that place the ingredient guilt on our own shoulders by letting us build our salads from the ground up. Even better, their toppings change daily depending on what’s fresh and what’s in season. This prevents us from ordering the same thing everyday, which we know is cause for boredom, which usually leads to falling off the health food wagon and grabbing a super burrito. Need an extra incentive to reacquaint yourself with the salad fork? We were pleasantly surprised to find that Pluto’s has a new Sesame Ginger dressing that was savory, yet light. It’s also healthier-sounding than the Gorgonzola Vinaigrette and we all know how important sound is when it comes to food.

Healthy as you wanna make it, affordable and crafted at lightening speed for those us that have barely have time to boil water for rice let alone make dinner every night. Pluto’s knows where it’s at. Here’s to good health.

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Photo: Pluto’s salad by basykes

Good Bet For A Good Salad