Goin’ To Bindi, Gettin’ Some Vindaloo…

Read Bindi’s reviews on MenuPages and one thing will stand out: Philly diners hate the $18-per-person minimum.


aes97: “The $18 minimum is particularly insulting, as it seems to stem from the assumption that most diners are cheapskates and thus have to be forced to order enough to justify taking up a table.”

Monkeyboy: “When I come out to eat I don’t want to do the math to make sure I meet a minimum purchase. When you go out you want to eat a meal and enjoy yourself.”

Anonymous: “My husband wanted to order appetizers first, but he was not “allowed to.” The waitress said he had to order everything at once. I guess she was afraid we wouldn’t meet the $18-per-person rule. The pickle plate & chutney samplers came without bread. We asked what we were supposed to do with them. The waitress cleverly answered that you can use them to “enhance the taste of your food” or put them on bread. We asked, “We have to order bread, it doesn’t come with it?” She confirmed that was correct.”

Munchies: “Having spent over $70 at our table of 4, we were informed (after we had finished) that there was a $20 minimum per person and if we didn’t order $18 worth of dessert we would be charged an additional $18. When we asked the manager if they should have told us that before we ordered she curtly replied “It’s on the menu.” and then turned to me and said “People come here for dinner, you shouldn’t come here for snacks.”

So what did Craig LaBan think of Bindi? Well, he didn’t get to the minimums… but he did dig the pork vindaloo:

Turney’s pork vindaloo, though, may be Bindi’s best example of a refined classic. The typical slow-stewed meat is upgraded with yieldingly soft seared tenderloin. And the meat’s aromatic crust of black cardamom, clove, cumin and nigella seeds sparks against the hot and sour gravy, a vinegar- and wine-tinged brew that unfurls with sweet spice on the tongue before a final whip-crack of chile heat. A comforting puree of creamy cauliflower and a sweet mango-date chutney cushions the vindaloo’s bold flavors.

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[Image via Ron Tarver/Inquier]


Goin’ To Bindi, Gettin’ Some Vindaloo…