Geno’s Steaks Loves The Press

Meet Joey Vento, publicity hound.

We all know the Geno’s Steaks owner likes being in the spotlight. There’s the famous “This is America. When ordering, please speak English” sign and, of course, a Fox News appearance or three. Not to mention the endless media mentions in the Inky and Daily News related to his pet issue of immigration.

But today, Vento is holding one of his rare press conferences. He hopes to present proposals to alter Philly’s Fair Practices ordinance — the one he was charged with discrimination over:

The changes Vento seeks were not available yesterday. That he’s not in the mood to be rejected was apparent from the headline on the release sent to the media announcing today’s event: “Change Rules or Face Lawsuit.”

Oy. If anyone wants to liveblog this for us, they’re more than welcome to. The press conference takes place at 11:30 at Geno’s.

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Geno’s Steaks Loves The Press