Flying The Food-Friendly Skies

We’re happy to report that airports seem to be wising up when it comes to frequent flyers and their eating habits.

Airlines stopped serving full meals years ago, the record number of flight delays is becoming commonplace and the laundry list of carry-on restrictions is growing lengthier by the minute, meaning flyers have to get to the airport even earlier just to make it through security. That said, people are spending more time in the terminals and the need to catch a bite before catching a flight is more prevalent. But if we’re going to be spending top-dollar for food and beverage it no longer seems acceptable for a $20 tab to come from two McDonalds cheeseburgers.

Catching a morning flight last week we were pleased to become acquainted with the fairly new Terminal Two extension at Oakland International Airport in part because it’s shinny and clean, but mainly because there was a full service Andalé Mexican Restaurant & Bar and we were able to get made-to-order Huevos Rancheros for breakfast (we were particularly impressed watching the cook fire up a real grill and break real eggs into the skillet).

If we didn’t have to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress a few days later we probably would have enjoyed the seasoned Mexican potatoes that came with, but we figured that the 3 eggs, refried beans and fresh corn tortillas were already pushing it and took pleasure in the side of flavorful fresh fruit instead.

With our gate only a few paces away we were able to have our food plated and experience an honest, civilized breakfast. In fact, we were almost sad to hear our boarding announcement with the full bar and top shelf tequila calling our name, but we were grateful to have a happy, full belly for the trip and arrived at our destination ready to pick up flowers and finish reception favors.

We couldn’t be more stoked for the option to have carnitas, chorizo and guacamole instead of a shrink-wrapped, three day old deli sandwich at the airport. And with more weddings looming and a much-needed vacation on the horizon, for once we’re actually looking forward to the airport portion of our upcoming trips.

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Photo: By Lucahjin

Flying The Food-Friendly Skies