Dining Out For Life

When it comes to dinning out we don’t need an excuse, which is great news for Dinning Out For Life , the annual fundraiser taking place Thursday in San Francisco that partners with restaurants nationwide to help stop the spread of HIV.

Good causes and good food makes for a good time. And every eatery from Asqew Grill to Rubicon seems to be participating this year so there’s really no reason folks can’t leave the ground beef in the freezer and let someone else do the cooking tonight. Besides, 25% of the bill will go to the STOP AIDS foundation.

In an effort to continue our quest for some solid Americana cuisine we’re trying to decide between Blue and Home . Both serve comfort food and both are in the ever-colorful Castro (admittedly, a stereotypically appropriate neighborhood for the fundraiser). Both restaurants serve Mac and Cheese, but Blue pushes the envelope a little and offers it with chicken, as in actual chunks of chicken swimming merrily in sharp cheddar cheesy goodness. Of course, checking out the nightly specials it looks like Home is going to be serving Cornflake Fried Chicken and you can’t get much more American then fried chicken AND cornflakes.

We’re probably going to flip a coin, but everyone else should check out the list of participants (the SF site allows you to search by neighborhood, cuisine and meal) and help raise some money while you raise your glasses.

Asqew Grill [Menupages]
Asqew Grill[Official Site]
Rubicon [Menupages]
Rubicon [Official Site]
Blue [Menupages]
Blue [Official Site]
Home [Menupages]
Home [Official Site]

Photo: By Beyond Robson

Dining Out For Life