Craig LaBan Vs. Javier

Pity poor Haddonfield, NJ restaurant Javier. In an Inky review, Craig LaBan called it a “dramatic display of mediocrity,” called his $29 fish entree “a five-act tragedy,” accused employees of finking on each other and the service on his first visit as being “disastrous.” Yowch.

A sample excerpt:

“What has Javier delivered for this investment? A dramatic display of mediocrity served at outrageous prices.

My $29 tuna entree alone was a five-act tragedy. First came a dish prepared completely differently from the potato-wrapped fish described on the menu, which it turns out, was several weeks out of date.

Then came skulduggery as a neighboring waiter dissed our server: “He’s new. He was supposed to tell you that.”

Of course, it wasn’t his fault the kitchen had totally undercooked the fish, hardly searing this still-cold piece of tuna, though we’d asked for it medium-rare.

The tuna redo, predictably, brought a steaming gray hunk of fish so carelessly overcooked, I really didn’t want it anymore.”

That said, LaBan did like the “suave” maitre d’.

[Image via Akira Suwa/Inquirer]

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Craig LaBan Vs. Javier