Carroll Gardens Residents Blast Jim Mamary, Wine Bars

The community-board wars in Tribeca and the Lower East Side have nothing on Carroll Gardens when it comes to ill tempers. At least that’s how it sounds from the cacophony of vitriol emanating from the comments on a Carroll Gardens blog post today about Jim Mamary’s proposed bar on Hoyt Street. The original post is staunchly anti-bar, but it’s the comments that really take the argument to another level in the pathology department. Our favorite:

This is such an outrage. I walk down my block and see these interlopers on their way to Smith Street. Now, my only refuge, which has been to walk down Hoyt to avoid Smith on weekends will be fucked by this new UNWANTED pile of shit. It will be filthy, smelly and noisy. Hoyt is NO PLACE FOR THIS!!! …Fuck you, Mamary. I hate your restatuarants and how you never even THANK Alan Harding for Patois as if it was all your idea. YOU are an opportunistic IDIOT. A slob. Your places suck and YOU have ruined my neighborhood.

And that was just the nicest one! (Actually, it was the craziest one.) We also liked the rejoinder, which currently provides the final word on the debate: “Wow- all of you really need to get a grip. Your biggest community complaint is a wine and cheese bar? Really? Count yourself lucky. You live in New York City for God sakes.”

Community “Business” Board 6 Sticks It To Hoyt & Bond Residents [Pardon Me for Asking]

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Carroll Gardens Residents Blast Jim Mamary, Wine Bars