Burger King Unveils Hamburger-Flavored Potato Snacks

Burger King has just licensed out their name for a series of, err, “potato snacks.” Not potato chips. Potato snacks.

We just got word from snack makers Intensely Different that they have officially unveiled a line of Burger King potato snacks. The chips/snacks/whatever come in two flavors: “Ketchup & fries” or “flame broiled.” Yes — hamburger flavored chips. Are they the American version of British bacon flavored crisps? Who the hell knows. But, because we love you, here’s the company’s description of the “flame broiled” chips:

The BK™ spin on chips is nothing short of a revolution. Our hearty flavor now packs a crispy punch. A savory bag of crunchy, bite-sized flame-broiled taste whenever you want it.

Meanwhile, we admit this sounds like an April Fool’s kind of post. I mean, hamburger flavored potato chips? But it’s not. However, here’s a fast food related prank for you.

Intensely Different [Official Site]

Burger King Unveils Hamburger-Flavored Potato Snacks